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Kassim Mohamed

Africa Uncensored
Investigative reporter
Nairobi, Kenya
Kassim Mohamed is a Nairobi based investigative journalist and one of the directors at Africa Uncensored (AUC). Before joining AUC, Kassim worked for Kenya Television Network (KTN) as a producer of Investigations and Special projects where he was involved in a number of documentaries (Call the executioner, Killers’ Corridor, Wolves at Westgate, 50+1, the branches of the Baobab, The Marijuana debate) that unearthed rogue security agents, the forgotten war in his hometown of Mandera to election malpractices. Kassim started his career in the year 2004 at KTN, the first independent TV station in Kenya where he worked as an intern of a 45 minutes investigative programme before moving to the news department in 2005. As a reporter, he broke the devastating drought of 2005-2006 and revealed several scandals involving government officials who were selling food aid while people were dying as a result of hunger. Kassim believes in the power of transnational collaborations among journalists