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Gautier CIMC
Teun will speak about a recent international study he was involved in, adressing the transition to new models and identified 52 ways to make money with journalism. He is currently involved with launched the House of Journalism, a cooperation for independent journalists and collectives.

Teun Gautier started his career with Reed Exhibitions in the US. After transferring back to The Netherlands he became the CEO of the Reed operations there, and found his way into the board of Reed Elsevier Holland at a young age. He left the company as he felt that money is not the measure of all things and a strict orientation on profits undermines the journalistic proposition, sooner or later.

He started several companies in media and publishing and held several management positions in media companies, before becoming the director and publisher of De Groene Amsterdammer, a small but influential quality weekly. The company doubled in size in a few years and he supported the launch of  De Correspondent, a widely acclaimed new journalistic initiative. Gautier was connected to several new initiatives and also launched Publeaks in The Netherlands, a platform allowing anonymous communications between whistleblowers and the press. He left De Groene and is involved in many journalistic projects and associated to Free Press Unlimited and member of the Board of Veronica, Radio Zamaneh and Pakhuis De Zwijger